Snack #1: Haldiram’s Plain Bhujia

Name: Haldiram’s Plain Bhujia

At the top of the Indian crunchy snack food charts this week is Haldiram’s Plain Bhujia.

Haldiram’s Plain Bhujia

Flavor: Slightly spicy with a mild sweet aftertaste.
Awesome Because: It’s highly addictive. It’s also fun to add into stuff like dal as well.

Ingredients: It’s made from tepary beans, Gram Pulse Flour (Chickpea Flour), Oil and various spices.

Special Note: It’s worth noting that the snack is both vegan and gluten free (though it doesn’t specifically state this; it is made in a facility that processes nuts though).

Haldiram’s is a huge maker of all types of consumables from crunchies to sweets. Based out of India but they do lots of exporting.

Special Note2: Rood learned of this food via the legendary taxi driver food place called Punjabi Deli in New York City.

5 comments on “Snack #1: Haldiram’s Plain Bhujia

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