Snack #5: Real Deal Veggie Chips

Name: Real Deal! Veggie Chips

Strange looking packaging? I guess it’s meant to be on a table, not unlike the roodonfood header image. Anyways, these chips are a strange bowl shape but are very addictive. You clearly taste the sweetness of the peas, the primary ingredient. They’re baked and per the package are 80% less fat than potato chips. There is also a sriracha flavor!

Ingredients: Nice short list. Green Peas, Corn Meal, Rice Flour, Oils and Salt.

Special Note: They’re made in Easton, PA. One other claim to fame is that Crayola has one of it’s main offices there.

Special Note: Gluten Free, Vegan (and this is noted on the package)


5 comments on “Snack #5: Real Deal Veggie Chips

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  2. […] Wikipedia is “the largest independent privately held snack brand in the U.S.” They like Real Deal Veggie chips are based out of Pennsylvania. Share this:TwitterFacebookRedditTumblrStumbleUponEmailLike […]

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  4. I tried this snack in new York out of a vendor machine the are great please let me no where I can find this product

    • Hi Pamela. Thanks for the question. I contacted Real Deal Veggie Chips and they don’t currently have a locator function on their website unfortunately. They suggest reaching out to them via this link and they’ll send you a list of stores in your area selling Real Deal products. Cheers. Happy Snacking.

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