Unrequited Food Loves: Britannia Cheese Spreadz Classic

In NYC we have access to practically any type of Indian food you could want. There is a short list of unrequited food loves that have not made it to this side of the world however. At the top of this unrequited list for me is Britannia Cheese Spreadz Classic. It was probably the first cheese other than paneer in India I’d had. The spread is buttery and delicate. The color is off-white with no artificial dyes. It goes great with any type of bread or cracker. Only a tablespoon per slice gets you all the flavor you want. (A little goes a long way).  It’s easily my favorite dairy good from India. They sell some cheeses from India here including canned Amul cheese. But cheese in a can? Dairy does not belong in opaque metal.

So a little while back cousins visited from India and asked if I wanted anything. Naturally, cheese was  the first thing that came to mind. They got the original flavor and a new favorite called Amul Punchy Pepper. As I shed tears of joy I immediately placed the cheeses in the fridge. They’d survived a day long journey from India already and the spreadz needed rest.

Since I can’t find the Spreadz here it’s “the precious.” I held onto the original flavor for 2 months before opening it. On top of that I made the container last 2 months after the initial opening. I first had it on white bread in India so I had to replicate that experience. It was delightfully rich and creamy. Just as good as I remember. My favorite combo is having two slices of bread, one with the cheese and one with jam. (To provide contrast). As I neared the end of the container I decided to try it with sourdough bread: equally glorious.

The rationing continued with the second tub, opening it 4 months after receipt. The second spread is actually made by Amul and is called Punchy Pepper. It’s also delicious and provides a little kick. I don’t buy bread that often but had to for this occasion. I’m hoping to extend out another 2 month run out of this one.

I love both my cousins and the cheese. I assumed that the next taste of Britannia Spreadable Cheese would be during the next visit to India. Until then it is only to be spoken of lovingly in story or the occasional song.  My cousin made it happen a lot sooner. I can say without hesitation that Britannia Cheese Spreadz brought my family closer together.

Image Source: http://tinyurl.com/6rho3ql


3 comments on “Unrequited Food Loves: Britannia Cheese Spreadz Classic

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