Looking for inspiration on healthy, easy meals? Check with your landlord.

Everyone gets in a food rut from time to time. And a difficult week can really kill your urge to make delicious meals. Sometimes though, the answer of what to cook comes right to your nose. I don’t know what happened in the last few months, but suddenly my landlord and/or his family learned to cook aromatic foods. I need only take a whiff in the hallway or the smell coming through the floorboards to get some great ideas.

Yesterday they had amazing smelling baked beans. That’s perfect as we’ve had an urge to make spoonbread (a decidely softer version of cornbread, you can eat with a spoon. It’s mostly a Southern thing). What a perfect combination. Thanks Landlord!

The other day they made Chicken Makhani, a cream based Indian dish. Guess what I haven’t made in months? Thanks Landlord!


2 comments on “Looking for inspiration on healthy, easy meals? Check with your landlord.

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  2. […] has unwittingly provided me food ideas multiple times lately.  The closest I had to barbeque was a McCormick Mesquite spice which I mixed with panko […]

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