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Updated: Unnecessary Liveblogging – Spoonbread is done

Update: Please see before and after pictures below.

Spoonbread is not the most photo friendly food but it was delicious. It works well with baked beans because it’s fun to breakup and add into the sauce.It’s also covertly a desert since our version was on the sweet side.

We made a few modifications from the Smitten Kitchen recipe: It suggests blending the corn kernels. We skipped the blender part because we like corn kernels in spoon bread. We also used smasher to help the consistency. To help veganize the recipe we substituted in Ener-G egg substitute in place of egg whites. Also we like spoonbread sweet so we used 4 or 5 tablespoons of honey rather than the suggested one spoon of sugar. (I don’t get the appeal of savory cornbread). Lastly, the cook time suggested 45 minutes but being novices we feared it would dry out so we pulled it out after about 30 minutes. We ate it immediately because sadly, we’re only human. The spoonbread because of the cook time was very moist, bordering on corn pudding but fantastic nonetheless.

Before and After Pictures:

Summary: Spoonbread is a more evolved version of cornbread, it’s better known cousin.  I’m already considering other foods it would go great with. Top of mind would be a nice hearty chili. I would absolutely make this recipe again. Upon discovering how easy spoonbread is, I don’t know if I can go back to cornbread.


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