Easter Candy: Cadbury Cream Eggs Now Available

Cadbury Crème Eggs

Fantastic news. Cadbury Crème Eggs are now available at least one retailer: CVS. I spotted and promptly bought a handful. Valentine’s Day just ended so the candy hearts are gone at retail outlets. There is no lag time these days between holidays, this means they’re already stocked up for Easter related stuff.

Cadbury Crème Eggs have always been a favorite. I credit the ad campaign of the 1980s for the positive association. It featured an adorable clucking bunny (the Cadbury Bunny who is meant to be the Easter Bunny) who lays the Cadbury Crème Eggs. The voiceover, done by voice actor Mason Adams provides a warm tone. He sounds like an easygoing uncle who tells the truth. Then of course the killer slogan for the campaign was : “Nobunny knows Easter better than him.” I can think of few other candy campaigns which were so convincing and memorable. (Aside from the famous “I get the sensation of….” York Peppermint Patty one from the 80s through early 90s).

The eggs were sold as far back as 1923 though with other, presumably less awesome fillings. The fondant filling came in 1963. In 1971 the name was changed from “Fry’s Crème Eggs” to “Cadbury Crème Eggs.”

They’re coveted by fans because they’re only available seasonally in the U.S. Like your favorite band coming to town, they’re here today and gone tomorrow (until the next tour). The shell is milk chocolate, the inside crème (cream) is made from fondant (colored to look like yoke and egg white). They’re extremely rich. You almost feel decadent eating one. When consuming it, it’s important to have some black coffee to cut the sweet. The coffee accompaniment is a rule I follow with any sweet. My favorite way to eat Cadbury’s is to bite a hole in the narrow top and then eat the creamy yolk inside. The rest of the chocolate shell is like a delicious chaser. There are actually quite a few articles/videos about how people like to eat theirs:


What’s yours? Per Smithsonian magazine, some people even use the eggs in cooking. A Cadbury McFlurry sounds a little criminal.

If they were available year around, the way they are in England I don’t think I’d appreciate them nearly as much. They’re just a little too rich to be one of your regular candies of choice like a Snickers or a Kit Kat might be. In fact at one point the company did sell them year round in North America and sales actually dropped.

It’s worth noting that there are other versions Cadbury eggs including mini candy shelled eggs and eggs with a caramel filling. Those aren’t worth your time though since you can get caramel in a dozen other chocolate bars. There is a reason that those other types don’t sell out but the crème eggs do.

If you don’t know Cadbury Crème Eggs please remedy that as soon as possible. Last year they sold out weeks before Easter Sunday. I ended up settling for Russell Stover Coconut Cream and Maple Cream eggs. They’re delicious in their own right but Cadbury’s is a tradition.


4 comments on “Easter Candy: Cadbury Cream Eggs Now Available

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