Snack #7: Tao Kae Noi Japanese Crispy Seaweed

Tao Kae Noi Japanese Crispy Seawead

Seaweed is either starting to get trendy or a distributor seems to be cutting some good deals as it’s available at my two nearest bodegas. I had to try it out. How could I not? Look at how happy the fellow on the front of the packet looks. Don’t you want to be that happy too?

Full disclosure: I bought and went through several bags of other types of snack crunchies before finally opening this one as I was a little scared to try it. I had seaweed before, though unflavored. I was fairly neutral about it.

The Tao Kae Noi seaweed tastes light with an enjoyable crispiness. It’s not oily. This bag is called “Original Flavour” and comes in a 0.28 oz packet. The small bag is sensible because many people are probably trying seaweed for the first time. Additionally I only paid a $1 so I don’t feel ripped off while taking part in this snack food experiment. The bag is not resealable so you need to eat it in one sitting or transfer to a Tupperware to retain the texture.  The pieces are manageable rectangles you can fit in one bit. The flavor is sort of liked crisped fish skin. It was alienating on first bite as I didn’t expect the added flavorings. After a few pieces I don’t mind it but don’t love it.

I can see why some people may appreciate this flavor of seaweed. They want the satisfaction of meaty taste without having to cook. I have a mental block on any sort of meat flavored crunchy no matter what the form. I’d rather have a piece of fish rather then fish flavored seaweed. Or actually lamb with mash over lamb flavored chips. The ingredients are seaweed, palm oil, salt, pepper and flavor enhancer. Unfortunately it does not define what that flavor is. . I’d guess it’s some sort of fish stock or it’s the sea coming through. It’s tough to get the fishiness off your tongue. I would not buy this product again. Alternately I’d buy some plain to cleanse the palate. I would however try another flavor. I’m still interested in achieving the level of happiness the mascot appears to have.


6 comments on “Snack #7: Tao Kae Noi Japanese Crispy Seaweed

  1. Nice site you’ve got here. Thanks for the pingback. I’ve been looking for a blogging buddy forever and our styles seem to go pretty well together. Let me know if you’d be interested in doing some projects together.

  2. Finally someone else who doesn’t like “meat” flavoured products. Either eat or don’t – that’s I say 🙂

  3. what does the enhancer made of.?
    Is the product really pure vegetarian titbit?

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