Snack #10: Bachman Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips

I absolutely love Bachman Sweet Potato Tortilla chips. They have the saltiness of standard tortilla chips while providing that unusual sweet from sweet potato flavor. I like to dip them with hummus so it always offers a nice contrast. If you need some variety from standard tortilla chips, these are a great option.

From the back of the bag, a quote worth mentioning:

“Next We Continue the centuries old tradition of soaking the corn for hours and then grinding it with lava stones to the perfect consistency.” Lava Stones? That’s very metal.

This is also another regional snack product, coming from Pennsylvania. I’m noticing that Eastern Pennsylvania is quite a snack food powerhouse (so far I’ve also posted Real Deal Veggie Chips). To this end I am introducing a new tag: the Pennsylvania Fertile Snack Belt

Note1: These chips are gluten free.

Note2: These chips have turmeric extract in them which is an anti-inflammatory.


2 comments on “Snack #10: Bachman Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips

  1. Where do you buy them from?

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