Stomach Flu Foods: Mashed Potatoes, Apple Sauce, Toast

The Chew just featured some amazing looking hamburgers. Mmm. Tator tots and a milkshake go great with burgers. Walking by a local bodega, I remembered a delicious chicken salad sandwich they make. I’m out of Cadbury eggs. Argh. My birthday is on March 3rd too boot so I hope to be better by then. Unfortunately I’ve had stomach flu and fever for the last couple of days. Under such circumstances the mind starts to imagine the foods you could be eating.

On the medicine front I’ve taken Pepto Bismol a few times, other than that nothing else for the stomach since it usually runs its course within 48 hours. I’ve secretly always appreciated the wintergreen flavor of Pepto. For the fever we got the Rite Aid brand of Flu Rapid Release Gelcaps (it came with 2 boxes, 12 daytime, 12 nighttime caps). It worked pretty well though I still have a slight fever today which is about to break.

In the meantime I’ve explored foods to eat while under the weather. According to family and the Internet, the B.R.A.T foods (Banana, Rice, Apple Sauce and Toast) are the way to go. Other notable foods include plain pasta and mashed potatoes. I stuck almost exclusively to a couple of foods, mashed potatoes and apple sauce. For the mashies, spices were kept to a minimum with just sparing amounts of salt, garlic and pepper, and milk. The Apple Sauce was Mott’s Natural. I’ve just been having a few spoons at a time.

Since you lose salt and sugar with the stomach flu my amazing girlfriend got me Gatorade (red and lemon) and some Edy’s Fruit Bar popsicles, acai flavored. I recommend both highly. Popsicles are one of those foods you only think of when you’re sick but appreciate them more as a result. In fact I have them so rarely, it makes me feel like a little kid. To settle the stomach Canada Dry ginger ale, also an exclusively sick day item.

Lack of food options makes you appreciate what you can eat. Each bite of mashed potatoes or BRAT food is very slow and deliberate as not to upset the stomach gods who make their presence known one or twice a year. If this is their way of saying appreciate your stomach when in working order, I am definitely taking note. The aforementioned items are already pleasant to eat, but a growling stomach and hours of not eating assured that they were twice as tasty.

I can’t wait to eat full meals again. Hopefully by this time tomorrow I’ll be back at a 100%. I’m double crossing my fingers for March 3rd. I really don’t want to eat birthday mashed potatoes and apple sauce but if the birthday candles must go in the potatoes, then they must. Any suggestions of what to eat first? I’m leaning towards chicken salad sandwich. Or aloo dom. Or just some dal, or keema or Funfetti cake.

23 comments on “Stomach Flu Foods: Mashed Potatoes, Apple Sauce, Toast

  1. Hope you’re better. I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago on my birthday!

  2. That explains a lot. I usually just make dal when I’m sick but when I got the flu I was barely awake long enough to make it, so I made mashed potatoes for a quick fix and now I’m glad I did!

  3. Bummer. Glad you’re better, though! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  4. We are always looking for fixes when in trouble. Thanks for posting this!

  5. Ginger ale is definitely the best for an upset stomach!

  6. The Stomach flu sucks but your belly is nice and flat when it’s over. 🙂 Great recipe, I use most of them when I get a stomach flu. Especially apple sauce. Didn’t know about the Popsicle will try that next time the porcelain goddess comes-a-calling.

  7. I now have a solid excuse for eating mashed potato, yippee! Thank you. Good to know you are better, and thanks for liking my own blog post. All the best.

  8. Glad that you’re feeling better. If you can ‘stomach’ it, next time, hot water and lemon is good for cleansing your tummy as lemon is antibacterial, then when you feel better, try taking a digestive supplement to replace all the flora that may have been lost through illness. Thanks for visiting my blog! x

  9. I usually find that soups, such as chicken rice, help me when I’m not completely recovered but I feel like my stomach ready to “accept” more than water.

    Hope you feel better!

  10. Lately, ive been getting the stomach flu once a year. It truly bites

    • Haha yes it does. Knock on wood but I haven’t gotten stomach flu since the time of that post. Here’s to hoping that next year you manage to avoid stomach flu. Thanks for the comment.

  11. […] will continue to grow. Inexplicably, one of the most popular posts is from that one time I got the stomach flu during my birthday 2 years ago. Perhaps it was too many barbeques but in June of last year, people […]

  12. I googled if I could eat mashed potatoes on my sick stomach, and this was the first link I got. Thanks for the info, I’m gonna make some before bed.

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