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Snack #14: Haldiram’s Kashmiri Mixture

I was very excited to try the Haldiram’s Kashmiri Mixture because I’d never seen it before.

Flavor: The Kashmiri Mixture is much spicier than Khatta Meetha or their Plain Bhujia offerings. The mix features a few unique ingredients. The potato sticks are small and slender but provide some nice crunch and variety from the more common lentil or chickpea based sev, and moong dal. Apparently there is some spinach as well though it isn’t readily apparent. There are no dried spinach leaves for example. There are however some lentil bori’s which have a green tint. Maybe that’s the form the spinach is taking.  Cashews are a clever addition providing a new texture and much needed sweetness. Common to many of Haldiram’s blends, there is a little tang. The tang I’ve come to learn is again from amchur (mango powder) as well as citric acid.

It’s charming that they call it mixture on the packaging rather than the more casual sounding mix. You’d never find the word mixture on any American made snack products maybe because it connotes lab coats and science.

The package has a resealable zipper which is always a nice plus. Common to all of the Haldiram’s resealable packs, it has the following funny instructions: “Open Slider, Cut Inner Membrane.” The word membrane would also never be found on American food products because it connotes doctors.

Overall the flavor is good but not a favorite. This is a very tasty mix but because of spice level, a little may go a long way for some. The experience would be vastly improved if added to some type of chaat with yogurt, chickpeas, potatoes and tamarind chutney to mellow out the spice level. If you don’t have the aforementioned available, you could consider mixing it with some of the plain bhujia and currants.

One comment on “Snack #14: Haldiram’s Kashmiri Mixture

  1. […] scale of 1 to 10, 10 being hottest, this would probably fall around a 6 or so. Less spicy than the Kashmiri mixture but significantly hotter than the aloo or plain bhujia. I would recommend Karodpati to […]

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