Chock Full O Nuts French Roast

Chock is all around a great brand. It’s usually the brand I turn to over options like Folgers and Maxwell house. It’s regional. It has a competitive price and it’s tasty. The French Roast possesses a rich, medium bodied flavor with an unmistakable creaminess. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it. If the Chock Full O Nuts Colombian was the same price though all bets are off and I’d get that 100% of the time. It’s all Arabica and a cut above most other brands. These being lean times I tend to drink the same coffee during the week and weekend (I used to do a weekend blend with special flavor coffees). As the house coffee it’s a perfectly respectable option.


2 comments on “Chock Full O Nuts French Roast

  1. […] known fact to the company because it’s the only style that never goes on sale. I also enjoy their French Roast as well as the one from […]

  2. I love the French roast but really getting hard to get so I now go on line.

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