Archer Farms Sweet & Spicy Thai-Style Chile Potato Chips (Target Store Brand)

These chips are amazing. If there was an award for potato chips of the year, they would go to the Archer Farms Sweet & Spicy Thai-Style Chile Potato Chips. They’re kettle cooked which means they have a more satisfying crunch than standard issue chips. There is a wonderful tanginess complemented with a slight burn from chili pepper. You also get a nice hint of garlic as well. Interestingly, green and red bell peppers are also in the ingredients though you get none of that specific flavor.

Image Source: http://www.guysnation.com/wp-content/uploads//2011/07/AF_SpiSwe_Thai_Chile-224×300.jpg

Archer Farms is the Target Store brand. The few products I’ve tried from them have all been decent. I previously mentioned another Archer Farms Black Pepper Chips earlier in the year here. Note that there is milk in this product so it’s not vegan though it appears to be gluten free. Picking up these chips is now one of my main reasons to visit Target.


3 comments on “Archer Farms Sweet & Spicy Thai-Style Chile Potato Chips (Target Store Brand)

  1. In our opinion, the best Thai flavored chips of all-time has to go to: Kettle Chips – Spicy Thai Hand Cooked Potato Chips, http://wp.me/p2lDqr-3q. And while we are at it, our favorite chips of the year so far are: Doritos – Tangy Buffalo Wing, http://wp.me/p2lDqr-C.

    • Thanks for the commment. I can’t wait to try the Kettle Chips version of the Spicy Thai. I’ll report back. The Doritos sound awesome. Sadly I’m not a member of Costco so I can’t try them directly. Maybe like an underage kid trying to buy alcohol, I’ll stand outside a Costco and give money to a member and get them to buy me a palette. Do they sell them in less quantities.

  2. […] bell pepper and jalapeno is disappointingly tame though especially as compared with the legendary Archer Farms Thai Style Chile Potato Chips. I’d get these chips again but know to expect a hearty/nutty chip rather than strong Thai […]

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