Booze: Beer, Liquor and Wine Reviews: Baltika Golden Lager 5

I’m not a big beer drinker. I rarely buy six packs unless company is coming over. My preference is to buy individual bottles of craft beer, so I can focus on taste over volume. Unfortunately, even just a single bottle buy doesn’t guarantee consumption within 3 or even 6 months. Case in point, I bought a bottle of Baltika Lager, a Russian beer while on a walk in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The intention was to drink it once I got home. Sadly this did not happen. There is a bit of a pattern here. First, the beer was placed in the door for easy access. Orange juice took precedence, so the beer was moved to the top shelf where it was laid flat to fit and quickly forgotten. When that shelf got full it was moved to the more spacious bottom shelf behind all sorts of random leftovers. It’s only constant companion, a jar of infrequently used kimchee (I have to find what to pair it with). There it sat for months. Eventually with the hope that the beer would stick out enough to be noticeable, I moved the Baltika to the veggie drawer. It hung out there for about a month. After picking up a few more beers recently, I figured it was time for a drink.

Source: http://newsandbrews.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/kate1.jpg

I learned recently that beers are best within 120 days of manufacture. The Baltika’s still had a full month to go! Woohoo! Still good. Despite being over 6 months old, the Baltika Golder Lager #5 was actually tasty. It’s everything you want in a lager. It’s light, easy drinking with a slight carbonation. Being a lager, there isn’t much bitterness to contend with. The color is golden and you get heavy notes of honey. The finish was fairly clean as well. I would definitely buy this beer again. (16.9 ounces, $2.49. St. Petersburg, Russia)


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