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Vermont Foods: Klinger’s Vermont Maple Oat Walnut bread

I always enjoy bringing home baked goods from nearby vacation spots. During a recent trip to Southern Vermont for skiing, I splurged ($5.79) on a loaf of Klinger’s Vermont Maple Oat Walnut bread. The bread is studded with oats and nuts which come through in every bite. It also uses maple syrup rather than corn syrup or sugar which provides just the right amount of sweetness. I ate the loaf in a few ways. The first was unsuccessful. The Punchy Pepper Amul cheese outshined the flavors of the bread. What does work well though are butter and jam. Due to price point, this could never be my regular bread but it’s a great vacation loaf.


One comment on “Vermont Foods: Klinger’s Vermont Maple Oat Walnut bread

  1. […] is whether on vacation or just on a food adventure in a different neighborhood, to always pickup a loaf of bread. Good bread is hard to come […]

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