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Ghiradelli Coconut Rendezvous Bar

Sometimes I forget about various foods and drinks in the fridge. Other times I’m a little scared to try something. The Ghiradelli Coconut Rendezvous fell into the latter camp. Forgetting how much I used to love Mounds as a kid I thought that coconut in chocolate sounded weird and potentially gross.

I owe the eventual opening of the bar to running out of Cadbury Crème Eggs. I have to admit, it was a pleasant surprise. Generally I buy dark chocolate so the Rendezvous’s smooth milk chocolate base was a refreshing change. The coconut comes from coconut flakes rather than strands. I was secretly worried about choking to death on coconut strands which would’ve made the saddest obituary ever.

The flavor unlike, say the Ghiradelli Chili is prominent without being overpowering. There is also a surprising and satisfying crispiness – the coconut is toasted. While I can’t imagine eating a whole bar in one sitting, the pre-cut segments are actually generous in size than in a Hershey bar so you really get to indulge. It’s a new product. So far I’ve only seen the Coconut Rendezvous flavor at the local Target but word on the street is that it will expand to more locations.


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