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Lowe’s Eatery: Jamaican Patties in New York, NY

One of my favorite foods is the Jamaican patty. For those unfamiliar, they’re sort of like a turnover with different fillings such as soy, spinach, chicken or most commonly, beef. They’re inexpensive, portable, and handheld – a great option if you need a hot snack on the go. The color of the beef and chicken pastries is usually a golden yellow. Some of the veg ones are more wheat-ish in color.
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I was surprised to learn that a close friend of mine despite living in big cities, had never tried a patty before. I know that Golden Krust is sold in Harlem, but chain food is rarely as appealing as Mom and Pop stores despite the respectable patties. Walking from the Apollo Theater at 125th street down to Central Park we had the good fortune to stumble across a hole in the wall called Lowe’s Eatery which features Jamaican and Southern/Soul Food. Menu is here. It’s located at 164 W 116th St (Between Malcolm X Blvd and 7th Avenue).

We ordered a chicken and a traditional beef. These were among the best patties I’ve had. The beef featured a measured dose of cumin with a slight spice. The chicken had a stewed, curry type of flavor and scent. Lowe’s was different because these had a little crunch to them, a pleasant surprise.

On the topic of Jamaican patties, I’d endorse in Christie’s Jamaican Patties on Flatbush in Prospect Heights as well. There the stand out is the veg patty. The stewed veggies are delicious inside and I love the soft wheat crust.


One comment on “Lowe’s Eatery: Jamaican Patties in New York, NY

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