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Smashed Sesame Red Bean Bun from White Swan Bakery in Chinatown, NYC

I’m a sucker for Chinese bakeries. After meeting a friend for dinner in New York’s Chinatown, the unassuming White Swan Bakery caught my eye.

Located on 24 Bowery (Pell/Bayard), they sell a variety of items including cakes, rolls, pork buns, noodles and bubble teas. I didn’t see anything costing more than $5.

I got a Smashed Sesame Red Bean Bun ($1.25). I love the crunchiness the sesame provides. It’s overstuffed with red beans. The breading provided moisture and a decent salty contrast. My only point of contention is that the bun cover did not remain intact while I ate. Halfway through I decide to switch to eating it with a fork. I would definitely get this bun again but with the caveat that I’d like to try some of the other bakeries for comparison first.


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