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Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Cheddar

Normally snacks with faces would disturb me. I prefer my foods to be anonymous, faceless vessels of deliciousness. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish  “the snack that smiles back” is perhaps the only exception. Pepperidge Farm is masterful at charming packaging. Who doesn’t like a snack that is sold quaintly in a paper bag?

The cheddar flavor is a personal favorite. It’s rich with a fantastic crunch. Best of all, they’re baked. The bright orange color while looking artificial makes it feel like a little kid food which means more fun. It’s made with real cheese which is a plus. It’s a unique change from tortilla and potato chips as well.

Here is a tribute song to Goldfish by a group called the Jims which do tons of jingle covers.


One comment on “Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Cheddar

  1. […] called the Jims and I first discovered their tribute jingles when writing about Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. Check out their youtube channel. They have several albums out (for free or cheap) including one […]

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