Asian Gourmet Rice Crackers (Sesame): Gluten Free

When my girlfriend switched to gluten free it caused a reassessment in what to buy when we snack together. A happy discovery was rice crackers. Lately I’ve enjoyed the Asian Gourmet Rice Crackers (Sesame) (another good brand is the ubiquitous KA-ME). They’re baked and low in fat. The packet was only $1.79 for a 3.5 oz packet from Eagle Provisions. That’s not a lot of weight but keep in mind that rice crackers don’t weight much (there are around 50 crackers to a pack).

They feel decidedly lighter than most wheat flour based crackers but still give you an awesome crunch without fear of breaking your teeth. Other flavors include cheese, plain and wasabi. I recommend pairing the sesame ones with cheddar cheese for maximum benefit. If you check them out let me know what you like to eat them with.


2 comments on “Asian Gourmet Rice Crackers (Sesame): Gluten Free

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  2. […] rice crackers. Barbeque flavor can be cloyingly sweet so I was hesitant to open the package. Once again, you get around 50 crackers for $1.79 at Eagle Provisions. The crackers are low fat, oven baked and […]

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