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Snikiddy Baked Fries: Gluten Free (Classic Ketchup Flavor)

Here’s the deal. Because of this gluten free thing I’ve tried to keep my eyes open for new tasty snacks which meet dietary restrictions. In the crunchies category there are tons of corn/tortilla, or sweet potato chips out there. Very few however aspire to have flavors beyond the base ingredients. The Snikiddy Baked Fries are exciting because they’re ketchup flavor. Ketchup flavor initially doesn’t sound terribly appealing but I think it’s important to support a company trying to add additional flavors to the spectrum, besides which it was on sale for only $2.50.

The fries are primarily potato flake and corn. It’s important to know ahead of time that the pack is ketchup flavored lest you have a weird reaction. The ketchup comes through loud and clear. I really like the mild sweet and sour from the tomato. The fries are thin and crunchy. There is a decent crunch as well despite being baked not fried. Because they’re “fry” form they remind me of Andy Capps. I’d get these again for their uniqueness. I’m also open to trying some of the other flavors they offer including BBQ, Southwest Cheddar and Plain. It’s worth noting that they have a handy store locator feature on their website: http://snikiddy.com/purchase


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