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Sesmark Rice Thins: Sesame

I guess it was bound to happen. I finally had a rice cracker I didn’t care for. The Sesmark Sesame Rice Thins are good quality but don’t taste the way you expect from rice crackers. The package contains around 64 crackers and the weights 4.25 ounces. Again rice crackers weigh a lot less but still get quite a few. These were $2.99 at the local grocery.Other flavors include Cheddar, Brown Rice, and Teriyaki

The Sesame Rice Thins are made with tamari soy sauce allowing it to be gluten free. This is probably why the crackers are a little salty (they also have garlic powder and salt).

They actually taste very similar to wheat biscuits. This in itself is impressive, especially for those who are gluten free but miss that flavor. I’m not a fan of wheat biscuits. Overall, A for approximating wheat, but C for taste. I’d suggest eating these with a lighter cheese or dip to lighten the cracker flavor.


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