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Awesome Foods: toasted muffins with butter

One of the simple pleasures of living in the NJ/NY/CT area is the toasted muffin with butter. I got this Banana Nut Muffin at Bagels and Wraps located at 523 5th Ave between 13th/14th in Park Slope Brooklyn for $2.25. I go to this particular shop because there is a curmudgeonly man who works there who rarely smiles. I take that as a challenge. My theory is that the more curmudgeonly, the better the food. It’s worth noting though that he’s been smiling a lot more.  Maybe he got some good news? In any case the happiness translates to good muffins.

I didn’t ask them too but they cut the muffin into three pieces for extra buttery goodness. It’s delicious no matter what type you get but Banana Nut and Lemon Poppy are my favorites. It’s debatable that there is anything tastier than a warm, buttered muffin on an unseasonably cold day.


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