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On the Border: Deleted Mexican Food

For Ma’s birthday she asked us skip her usual Red Lobster in favor of a chain Mexican place called On the Border.  I was excited to have Mexican because generally my father in unwilling to go, picturing nothing but “beans and cheese.”

Negatives: All the food fell into either the dry or too salty category. My parents got the fish with lump crab on top. The fish was overcooked and salty. I got the Dos XX fish tacos which I think provided my salt intake for 3 days. The refried beans had way too much manteca. The rice would be what I’d describe as “classic” meaning from several hours prior and unintentionally crunchy.

Customary Split Entree – They liked their food.

The offending fish tacos and manteca-d refried beans

Positives: The service was great. The waitress was attentive and the manager came around multiple times to check on us. The portions were quite large. My parents made the smart decision of splitting an entree. The drinks were great as well. My father and I had margaritas and Ma had a pina colada. The desert, Kahlua Ice Cream Pie was great. We split it three ways, even still it was decadent.

My parents being old school and more tolerant than I enjoyed their food at On the Border and would go back. Dad even avoided getting “beans and cheese.”

Kahlua Pie: Delicious but Dangerous


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