My Father’s Famous Omelette Recipe

My father is not into cooking at all. One item he takes great pride in though is his famous omelette. He made it for Ma for her birthday and it was quite successful.

Yields 3 Omelettes:
6 eggs
A fistful of cilantro: chopped
1 plum tomato: diced
3 teaspoons of onion: chopped
2 tablespoon bell pepper: diced
Cheese (to taste)
Green Chili (to taste)
1 teaspoon garlic
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 tablespoon water
3 cloves garlic: chopped as fine as possible
salt – to taste
Crack eggs and pour into bowl. Add in all other ingredients except for cilantro. Whip with a fork or mixer until eggs begin to get a little frothy.

Baba diligently chopping tomatoes.

Add oil to frying pan. Heat up pan to low (to retain moisture). Once the pan heats up, add in 1/3 of egg mixture. Allow omelette to solidify (roughly 7-8 minutes). Once solidified flip one side towards the center, followed by the other side. Remove omelette from heat and place on plate. Garnish with cilantro on top. Repeat process for the next two omelettes. Enjoy.

Feel free to share any tips or recipes with your favorite omelette recipe. Here are a few others I came across which looked good:



3 comments on “My Father’s Famous Omelette Recipe

  1. […] in a moment of ditziness, e said “my dad says ‘the world is your omelette‘.” […]

  2. This sounds amazing, I’m going to try this tomorrow for dinner. Love your blog and all the delicious articles on food.
    PS thanks for stopping by my blog too.

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