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Hybrid Snacks: Baked Beans + Hashbrown + Bhel Mix

At any given time I keep several foods on hand if I’m in a bind for a quick meal, among them are: Hash brown patties, baked beans, and bhel mix.  When you combine the three together, you get salty from the hash brown and bhel and the sweet from the baked beans. Because of the protein it’s also very satisfying. It also represents my background as someone of Indian descent who grew up in the US.

Yields 1 Serving
-4 or 6 tablespoons baked beans
-1 hash brown patty
-1/2 tablespoon red onion
-2 ounce Bhel Mix

Add a little oil to a pan. Brown hash brown patty on medium heat till done. Flipping once in between (About 10 minutes). Heat baked beans in microwave. Combine hash brown, baked beans and bhel mix in a bowl. Top with red onions.

Suggested baked beans brand: Bush’s Best (use the vegetarian type if preferred and the meal becomes vegan and gluten free)

Suggested Bhel Mix Brand: Surati, or Deep Foods

What are your favorite hybrid food combos?

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