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Haldiram’s Karodpati

Haldiram’s Karodpati are a fun treat.  Unlike several of the previously reviewed snacks, there is no amchur or similar spice to create a tang. This snack is all about crunch. Once again the primary ingredient is the tepary bean. The flavor is reminiscent of ganthia but with more spice. On a spice scale of 1 to 10, 10 being hottest, this would probably fall around a 6 or so. Less spicy than the Kashmiri mixture but significantly hotter than the aloo or plain bhujia. I would recommend Karodpati to Haldiram’s fans. No gluten is listed once again in the ingredients.


One comment on “Haldiram’s Karodpati

  1. […] oyster crackers or croutons, Indian snacks are a great option. I recommend Haldiram’s Karodpati. These tepary bean and lentil flour based crunchies provide a lovely texture and peppery kick to […]

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