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Stonyfield Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt: Super Fruits

Stonyfield is one of the best yogurt brands out there. They’ve stuck to the principles of no strange additives and the milk used is organic. They give 10% of profits to environmental causes as well.

My favorite Stonyfield flavor is called Chocolate Undergroud because it has vanilla on top and chocolate on the bottom. It’s everyone else’s favorite too apparently because it’s the first one they run out of when Stonyfield is on sale at my local grocery store. Full disclosure: a cup has 35 grams of sugar.

This is my first time trying their Greek “Oikos” style (5.3 oz, 99 cents). It’s fat free. The only issue with the Oikos is that it has 16g grams of sugar. My doctor recommended Greek yogurts because they generally have less than 10g of sugar and twice the protein.  The superfruits flavor contains pomegranate, acai, and raspberry purees. It’s enjoyable though not my favorite. The raspberry and pomegranate flavors come through. The creaminess falls somewhere between regular yogurt and traditional thick Greek yogurt. I don’t plan to get this particular flavor again but will remain loyal when on sale, to Stonyfield.


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