Harpoon Cider

Harpoon Cider (12 oz, 4.8% ALC)

I’m not gluten free (gf) but my girlfriend (GF) is. There are several well-known breweries making gluten free ciders these days. Glutenista has a nice list of some GF Beers and Ciders here. Harpoon Cider is not listed as gf on the website but the only ingredient is fermented apples. My guess is that because it’s made in a facility where hops/barley is used they legally can’t pronounce it gluten free. (So if you’re highly sensitive you’ll want to skip it)

Harpoon Cider is delicious for being as simple as it is. I’ve read in other places that the apple isn’t noticeable but to me the taste is front and center. First you get the sweetness than a semi-tart finish. It’s crisp and refreshing with slight carbonation. It kind of reminds me of champagne or a white wine in appearance. You’ll notice a huge difference in color between this and other ciders because Harpoon is a very light yellow. I was not a cider fan to begin with, but I am now.


2 comments on “Harpoon Cider

  1. Cool review, but I have to disagree with it being delicious. I tried it once and it was completely unpalatable. The Glutenista link was a great addition though!

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