Domino’s Pizza Now Offering Gluten Free Pizza

Good news for Gluten Intolerant folks: Domino’s now offers a 10 inch Gluten Free Pizza . They can’t guarantee the crust doesn’t come into contact with glutinous ingredients so it’s better for those who have sensitivity rather than those who are intolerant.


The company’s new gluten-free crust is made from rice flour, potato starch, rice starch and olive oil.  Domino’s worked with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness to bring their standards to the company’s employees and kitchens.

I’ll eventually check out Domino’s but prefer to support  Johnny Hollywood’s because they’re independent,  first to offer vegan and gluten free pizza in my part of Park Slope, and the owner is a super nice guy. Regardless, bravo Domino’s. Getting girlfriend friendly food to go, just got easier.


2 comments on “Domino’s Pizza Now Offering Gluten Free Pizza

  1. It seems like people looking for gluten-free foods are getting more and MORE options now. Check out this awesome granola I just found:

  2. Nice. I’ll check out this granola. Thanks for the comment. I like your blog.

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