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Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA Beer

I picked up this bottle of Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA at one of Park Slope’s best stores for selection, Bierkraft. The brand based out of Paso Robles, CA is new to me. Incidently, this fine beer allowed me to get through  an hour of the disappointing movie Rum Diary (Johnny Depp is usually in good movies) without noticing. By the way, I didn’t have rum because it usually gives me a headache.

The color is a nice shade located somewhere between amber and golden. The pour provides a slight head.  I like the honey and floral notes in taste and smell. For an IPA the hopiness is mild as is the carbonation making this beer very drinkable. No real negatives to this beer. I’d definitely check it out a second time. 10/10. If you check out the beer, let me know what you think. They have a handy beer finder here.


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