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Glutino Dream Cookies: Chocolate Vanilla Creme Review

The latest snack I tried from Glutino is the Chocolate Vanilla Creme cookies. (10.6 ounces, 300g). These cookies are the GF equivalent of the Oreo cookie. The serving size is two cookies and there are around 20 in the package which is decent compared with other GF products.

They have a neat lattice sort of design which is a nice touch. The crunch is less than the regular Oreo but very pleasant. I actually prefer this level of crunchiness. The cookie is very chocolate-y despite cocoa powder not being the first ingredient. The smell is a mix of the rice flour and chocolate but not in a bad way. The crème is actually very spreadable. My girlfriend suggests eating each half with the crème evenly divided so you have two open faced cookies.

Snack of the Day Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cookies

So far Glutino Gluten Free products are 3 for 3. The other two products I tried are the Nutrigrain-style GF breakfast bars which aren’t bad (though some disagree), and the pretzels. The Glutino cookies are $4.99 which is more than you want to pay, but a better value than other cookie brands which can be as expensive as $7.

If you’re interested in finding a Glutino product, they have the locator below. It tells you stores in your area with their items, though not which specific products.

Locator: http://www.glutino.com/locate-a-retailer/

Serving for 2?


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