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Beyond Meat’s foray into fake chicken

This story from NPR’s blog, the Salt caught my ear: Link

Beyond Meat, a new company based in Maryland, has come up with an alternative to chicken meat that it claims is a dead ringer for the real thing. And unlike other meat alternatives on the market, this one aims to be cheap as well as tasty.

Full disclosure: I’m only vegetarian once a week. I do however enjoy the faux meat products I’ve tried, including  Morningstar Farms Chik’n Nuggets. Vegetarians I know though fall into two camps: those that never liked meat to begin with and those that miss the texture and flavor of certain meats.

The chicken is made from: A dry mix of soy and pea powder, carrot fiber and gluten-free flour is heated, cooled and extruded through a machine, producing a fake meat that mimics chicken.

The main appeal to me is the potential lower price point. In my area the faux frozen meats are $4-$6 and rarely go on sale. My grocery store has sales on chicken every single week for cheaper.  I’ve definitely been fooled before that a chili was made with beef rather than tofu, so I’m curious if they’ll fool me with their faux chicken product. It’s also smart of them to make this product Gluten Free opening up it’s appeal further.The test role out will begin at Whole Foods stores in Northern California.


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