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Late Night Junk Food? It’s Not Just the U.S

Experts on TV told us not to eat late at night because we tend to eat junk foods. Here in the U.S, we didn’t listen. If it makes you feel better though, apparently no one else listened either. Check out this story via NPR’s the Salt via Massive Health (who put out apps to help conquer healh.

It turns out that all over the world, people tend to eat healthy at the beginning of the day and gradually eat less and less healthy as the day goes on. By the evening we’re all eating the local equivalent of Hostess Pies or freaky looking crunchies. It’s not schadenfreude. It’s just nice to know that everyone from Paris to Tokyo is susceptible to junk food too.  I’m guilty certainly of eating lots of potato and veggie chips late night.

The story doesn’t explain why we’re drawn to junk. Maybe there are few common sense answers we can infer. At the end of the night willpower is low. You put up a valiant effort through the day and deserve a treat. Who wants to cook late at night? Why is everything sold in a multi-pack?

I’ve been a little better lately. If I have to snack, foods like nuts aren’t a bad option to have on hand since they provide good fat and protein and you don’t need to eat a lot of them. Here are some other suggested late night snacks from Men’s Fitness. So cheers Sao Paulo, Toronto, Mumbai and points in between. At least we’re all in this together.


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