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Oaxaca Taqueria: Brooklyn and Manhattan Mexican Food

I love a good taco so I jumped at the chance to use a Groupon at the local New York mini chain called Oaxaca Taqueria. They have locations in Cobble Hill, Park Slope, West Village and the East Village. It’s a bit of a walk from South Park Slope to their 4th avenue location (between Carroll and President) though if you take the train to Union, it lets you off only a block away. The place was doing brisk business. Everyone seemed to know what their favorite type of taco was.  There are a small number of two tops as well as stools at the counter. They allowed us to use the Groupon and get the food to go which was super cool.

The deal was for 6 tacos or enchiladas. I purchased three carnitas (roasted pork) and three frijoles tacos. The carnitas were pretty good. It was nothing stellar but definitely competent. The highlight for both sets of tacos was the pickled onion which added a mild kick.  To make it more filling we also ordered some beans and rice. The black beans were overly salty and devoid of any other seasoning. Hot sauce was not provided either. Because the tacos were decent though I’d check out the place again. They offer some interesting specials including cactus, calabasa and Korean tacos which all sound tasty. Another thing worth noting is that they, not unlike Chipotle use sustainable/organic/local whenever possible but maintain decent price points. Tacos are $3-$4. Plus they have $1 off taco happy hours.

Frijoles Taco with Pickled Onion


Carnitas Tacos


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