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Update: Voskos Greek Yogurt: Honey

I was a little harsh on Voskos last time and a mixed review the time before. Then again, it was the Voskos Greek Exotic Fig flavor. What was I thinking? As a token of forgiveness I tried their honey flavor today. It was fantastic. The sweetness is there but doesn’t beat you over the head the way other honey flavored yogurts do. It was creamier than many Greek yogurts and worked well with my favorite addition to yogurt, Rice Krispies. 10/10. I’ll get it again once on sale.

Voskos Greek Yogurt: Honey


One comment on “Update: Voskos Greek Yogurt: Honey

  1. […] on the creamy rather than thick side. The pack is 4.6 oz, 140 calories and 11grams of protein. Voskos is starting to hit their stride. Share this:TwitterFacebookRedditTumblrStumbleUponEmailLike […]

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