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Britannia Nice Time Biscuits

Britannia Nice Time Biscuits are my favorite Indian biscuit. Not because of taste alone but because of association. It always makes me think of visiting family in Kolkata. At tea time we’d almost always have these biscuits. I love the sprinkled sugar and faint coconut flavor. They also have a fun rectangular shape and crinkled edges which clearly denotes fancypants. They feel lighter than other biscuits.

Britannia is none to modest about it either:

Britannia Nice Time was the pioneer of sugar sprinkled biscuits in India. This unique product managed to create such a strong consumer pull that soon there was a rush of pretender products in the market, clearly indicative of the success of the concept. Today, Nice Time has a fan base spread across India, and, particularly, East India, where its consumers have grown up with the brand.

I was overjoyed to spot them at Patel Brothers in Jackson Heights, Queens. They come in a modest size 100g packet and rarely cost more than $1. They also go great with coffee. Other recommended biscuits include: Good Day Cashew and Good Day Butter Cookies (Britannia), Hide and Seek (Parle),


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