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Herr’s Dark Russet Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

That’s right get comfy on that seat there. I’m going to eat you.

This brand is always worth it for the name alone. When I read the name “Herr’s” I’m tempted to pronounce it “Hurr” like southern rappers. For example: Lets get a bag of Hurr’s Chips up in Hurr. I instantly regret writing that. Please accept my apology.

Actual Review: The Pennsylvania Fertile Snack Belt continues its reign of snack dominance, this time with Nottingham based Herr’s. Herr’s Russet Kettle Cooked Chips come in an 8oz bag and sell for $2.99-$3.49. These dark russet chips have a hearty, earthy, pleasant bittersweet taste. They’re almost smoky. The flavor is strong for a potato chip and might alienate regular chip fans. Kettle-cooked means a stronger crunch which is always satisfying.

I’d definitely get these again but a few go a long way. No gluten is listed in the ingredients but it doesn’t explicitly state gluten free.


One comment on “Herr’s Dark Russet Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

  1. […] version is actually great. On the kettle cooked spectrum they’re not the crunchiest of say the Herr’s but certainly are at a satisfying level. The salt and vinegar levels are in a perfect balance. My […]

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