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Updated: Big Apple BBQ in Madison Square Park NYC

I just got back from the Big Apple BBQ. It was a great time. As mentioned in the last post, plates are $8. All of the stands give you a decent portion of meat and a small side such as coleslaw, baked beans or pork rinds. Some of the lines were long but go by quickly. It was not the mob scene I feared.

I stopped by Rodney Scott’s South Carolina Barbeque (better know as Scott’s BBQ). They do it whole hog style. The line was short (maybe 5 minutes) compared with the nearby Salt Lick which was at least 5 times as long.

Scott’s pulled pork is served atop white bread. In seeing other BBQ goers walk by from other stands I thought I was gipped as it’s not the prettiest presentation compared with ribs. And my first reaction was “where’s the sauce?” Thankfully, the meat was gloriously infused with it despite outward appearances. The flavor is a wonderful peppery vinegar with a slight sweet. It’s unlike any other barbeque I’ve had. I highly recommend these guys. There is a fantastic article that was written about them here in Time magazine.

The other place I checked out was called Checkered Pig who do St. Louis Style Ribs. I don’t know the BBQ world at all but I recognized the Pitmaster’s picture because we’d recently seen them featured on an episode of  FoodNetwork Challenge. The ribs were great. They were moist, a little sweet with good tang. Unlike the others, these were grilled rather than smoked. I’d also recommend them.

In fact, I may stop back by tomorrow as well. Maybe I’ll try Bob Gibsons. This time I’ll skip breakfast.

Martin’s Whole Hog BBQ Being Prepared

Gibson’s BBQ

Checkered Pig Rib Prep
Checkered Pig Rib Prep

Grilled Not Smoked

Checkered Pig St Louis Style Ribs

Scotts BBQ – So Intense. Must Close Eyes. (This is why I never appear in pictures. I close my eyes half the time).

Soooo good.


One comment on “Updated: Big Apple BBQ in Madison Square Park NYC

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