Daily Crave Veggie Chips

The Daily Crave Veggie Chips were purchased for $3 on sale at my local grocery store. The  black and white newspaper theme of the package cleverly makes the chip color pop on the front. A new brand of veggie chip though and the price point is what made me pull the trigger though.


Similar to the Good Health brand, these chips come in spinach, tomato and potato flavors. Don’t go in expecting lots of veggie flavor from these guys. The spinach and tomato are more like a hint, whereas the overriding flavor is potato. That sounds like a negative but they are actually a very satisfying chip. The potato has a natural sweetness. The crunch isn’t overwhelming and these are less oily than other chips. They aren’t really chock full of vitamins but they are a tasty snack and are non-gmo. If I can continue to get them for $3 over the other brands $4 they are contenders for a new favorite. The ingredients are gluten free though it doesn’t expressly state that. Edit: Note that they’re made in a facility that processes peanuts and soy.


4 comments on “Daily Crave Veggie Chips

  1. […] similar to the previously reviewed Daily Crave but these have more emphasis on the veggie flavor though these also use spinach and tomato powder […]

  2. […] They’re about the dimensions of a fast food french fry but are hollow inside. As is the case with other veggie sticks, the bag is a mix of potato flour yellow sticks, spinach infused green and tomato infused red sticks. They’re explicitly labeled gluten free. The flavor combination worked particularly well dipped in Sabra spinach artichoke hummus. Here is a past review of Brad’s Salsa Verde chips as well. Also, here a couple past reviews of veggie chips from Sensible Portions and Daily Crave. […]

  3. These chips are manufactured in a place that also processes peanuts and soy. Many have allergies to these products. Also, the “veggie” is note toward the end of the ingredients which means there is little “veggie” in the product.

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