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RoodonFood Presents an Interview with the Jims (Punk Rock + Food)


RoodonFood writes frequently about fast food, snacks and drinks. Turns out there is a band very fond of making jingles about fast food, snacks and drinks. Not to mention punk rock. They’re called the Jims and I first discovered their tribute jingles when writing about Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. Check out their youtube channel. They have several albums out (for free or cheap) including one called ‘The Jims Go Commercial’ featuring jingles about Pringles, Dole Bananas, Goldfish, Grapenuts, and my personal favorite, Ovaltine among others. If you’re in New York, check out their upcoming show at the Trash Bar on June 23rd! They were nice enough to answer some questions from RoodonFood.

RoodonFood (RoF): I see you’re based in Queens. Are you originally from there?

Jims: We’re originally from Binghamton, in upstate New York. We’re NYC transplants.

RoF: How do you choose the foods you make commercials for?

Jims: We really only sing about products we like. We figure there’s no reason to promote things we aren’t into.

RoF: What are some of your favorite jingles you’ve recorded? What are some of your favorite commercials?

Jims: Out of our commercials – Mr. Clean.  The concept of a laundry gang in a supermarket takes the cake. Outside of our own, there’s some really good stuff out there – a new Little Ceasars ad, a classic Red House Furniture ad, a McDonald’s Filet o Fish commercial are the first few that come to mind.

RoF: What is your favorite snack food? Any other snack jingles in the works?

Jims: Favorite snack food has to be Slim Jims. We don’t have anything in the works right at the moment, but we’re always thinking of ideas. We find a lot of inspiration in food.

RoF: If you guys tour what snack do you have to have with you on the road?

Jims: We don’t do much touring these days, but its gotta be McDonald’s. The great thing about the products we sing about is how easy they are to find. Doesn’t matter what city, town, or country you’re in – McDonald’s is always around.

RoF: Have the Jims been offered money to do a commercial yet?

Jims: No offers yet, but we’re sure they’ll be coming soon. Then the money will roll right in. We can’t wait to be sponsored by one of these brands.

RoF: If you could have your fans throw any one food at your shows what would it be?

Jims: Gotta be Slim Jims! They would probably hurt the least. Something like Ovaltine would totally suck. The pain of the cans and the risk of electrocution just don’t make it a good option.

RoF: The most popular snack by traffic to the site right now is called Real Deal veggie chips. Have you guys tried those before? Do you know Haldirams Indian snacks? If not I’ll toss a bag on stage at your next show. I always thought that could be great in death metal format.

Jims: We haven’t heard of either, but we’d love to try them. Feel free to assault us with packages of Real Deal or Haldirams. We’ll be waiting!

RoF: Who are your biggest influences?

Jims: Hard to say. We like simple, straight forward music so punk rock comes naturally.

RoF: Do you have any upcoming shows?

Jims: We’ll be playing the Trash Bar (http://www.thetrashbar.com) in Brooklyn on June 23rd. Come out and throw snacks at us!


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