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Stogo Dairy Free Ice Cream

Last week my vegan gluten free girlfriend and I had a great time at the Big Apple Barbeque which I mentioned here. Well, I should say, she patiently watched me eat various smoked and grilled meats and smiled. To walk off some of those meaty delicious calories and as a thank you to her, we walked over to pick up Curry Express on 29th and Lex and then down to Stogo for dessert, located at 159 2nd Avenue (near East 10th). Golden Rule: Even if your stomach is full from lunch, dessert occupies a different chamber, thus there is always room.

Stogo is unique because they make organic dairy free ice cream. Don’t be threatened. The ice cream is actually pretty amazing. The base (coconut, sorbet, hemp or soy) for each ice cream is noted by them for added convenience. My girlfriend was a little dumbstruck that she could try just about every flavor.  After going to so many places where there are no dessert options for her, here was a place that had tons of options. We walked in and were the only customers. The three staff folks were super welcoming and allowed us to sample anything we wanted.  We helped ourselves to seats (there are a half dozen seats or so). I enjoyed the view of the famous St. Marks Church across the street.

Stogo – magically delicious.

Since you get two flavors in a cup my girlfriend opted for red velvet (soy) and coconut almond joy and I got the Ginger Bourbon Vanilla (hemp) and Vanilla Chip (coconut). It’s worth mentioning that for those that don’t like the flavor of soy, it’s not noticeable at all in the red velvet. All the flavors were amazing. Check out the fancy cups they give you the ice cream in. What’s better than world class barbeque you ask? Vegan / Gluten ice cream chasers of course. Next time I’m going to check out the Green Tea and Cookies and Cream.

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