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Papio Cabernet Sauvignon Calfornia 2008

Day 1

We were in the mood to try a new wine in our price range. Papio was nestled between a couple of old favorites (Rex Goliath and Flip Flop) in the local wine shop so that seemed like a good sign. Interestingly my girlfriend and I had two different impressions at first. I found the taste to be very dry she found it to be very wet. The initial flavor was a pleasant tart followed with a medium finish. This is a California wine but to me it tastes more like an old world, less fruit forward wine. After eating some masoor dal, potato and broccoli curry, more of the mellow sweetness came out which made it enjoyable. This was a successful accidental pairing.

Day 2

Drinking while blogging. Based on past experiences, often a wine is more enjoyable the next day after time to “open up.” I’m not having it with dinner today but did have some aloo bhujia. The tartness is there but I get some currant-like flavors too. It is noticeably more mellow and palatable on day two.  I’d get this wine again but suggest pairing it with Indian food to bring out the sweet notes. Not a favorite but a little more complex than many new world cabernet sauvignons and if it was the only bottle available in the price range I’d get it again.


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