Sweet Treasures Bakery in South Park Slope

Sweet Treasures Bakery is a welcome addition to South Park Slope. They’re located on 5th avenue between 16th and Prospect Avenue. I was sad when the predecessor, 3 Star closed . The cynic in me was expecting some high end crappy eatery. I was elated to see another, equally unpretentious bakery in its place.

These guys lean more towards Italian American baked goods including the requisite cookies. I’ve been a handful of times and they’re always extremely personable. My favorites on the sweet side are the cheese danish and the chocolate cigar. On the savory side was the amazing prosciutto bread studded with pieces of meat and cheese.

Proscuitto Bread

Sweet Treasures Danish


4 comments on “Sweet Treasures Bakery in South Park Slope

  1. They have the best chocolate chip cookies, brownies , cheese danish and apple turn over. It’s fresh , and not expensive. Thanks Debbie xoxoxoxo

    • Thanks for the comment Milca. Of the ones you mentioned I’ve only tried the spectacular cheese danish. I’ll check out the other stuff. Thanks for the recommendations! I really hope they start to make a few gluten free items so my girlfriend can partake too.

  2. […] player in South Park Slope called Sweet Treasures.  I wrote about these guys a little while back here. Located at 588 5th Avenue between Prospect Avenue and 16th St, they offer many of the classic […]

  3. […] Avenue and 16th St) sells them at a bargain of $2-$3.  This is addition to their transcendent Lard Bread among other […]

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