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7th Avenue Street Festival: the Aftermath

We stepped out on Sunday with the intention of a pleasant walk outside. We happily stumbled on the 7th Avenue Street festival while in route to Prospect Park. There are three things I love about street festivals: live music along the way, sangria sold by vendors and the random things stands have for sale. For example, there was a stand called “Interesting Items” which on the sign indicated that they had magnifiers, nail clippers and scissors. Also bedding, pillow shams, kitchen utensils, socks, neon pajama pants and pets. Clearly all things you need after a drink. By the end it would be conceivable to end up with new bedding, pillow covers, nail clippers and like 6 doggies and 3 cats.

We entered at 15th St. The bar was set high for food because I had an amazing alpacurria from a stand called Top Delicious. They sadly didn’t appear to be very busy. They were on one end of the festival and strategically I think most people hold off until they check out all available food options before making a decision. It was probably the tastiest alpacurria I’ve ever had. It was made from bulgar wheat. They offered my money back if I didn’t like it. I loved it. As I munched on it I walked back and told them how good it was. For what it’s worth, they were super nice and have a restaurant based in the Bronx.

As is customary we also picked up some delicious red sangria from Casa Ventura a relatively new latin place in central slope.  I also had an excellent double chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven from Sweet Melissa. We also munched on a dill pickle. One thing we learned is that the best time to check out a festival is at the very end. The vendors are eager to sell off cooked merchandise so we made some fun scores such as a half burrito for a $1, $4 more alpacurrias for $1 each. The watermelon and lemon aid stands also dropped own their prices to $1.

Check out the cool stuff we picked up below. The Sweet potato and pecan pie came from a place called Sweet Chef Southern Styles Bakery. These were among the best I’ve ever had. The crust was unusually moist and practically melted in my mouth. Next time I’m in Harlem I’m stopping there. There were also gluten free cookies (center), whisks ($4) and spices (3/$10).

7th Avenue Booty


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