El Milagro Totopos (Tortilla Chips)

El Milagro

El Milagro Totopos took a few days to grow on me. The bag was $3 on sale for 16oz so it was a pretty good price as compared with the similarly packaged Xochitl chips. I didn’t want to like these chips because they’re very cocky. For example, on the package they refer to themselves as “Real Mexican” tortilla chips. They also boldly warn the consumer to “….be careful these chips are so autetico you might feel the urge to run out wearing a poncho and sombrero!” Generally I don’t like snacks to be arrogant but is it bragging if it’s true though?

Where Xochitl, previously reviewed, are light and crisp, El Milagro are thick and very crunchy. These may be the crunchiest tortilla chips I’ve ever had. They achieve this by first baking then frying. There isn’t much natural sweetness but there is a satisfying crunch and pronounced corn flavor. I don’t care for these by themselves – they’re a little to no nonsense. I’d get these chips again but only if assisted by the presence of a salsa or hummus for contrast. They’re not labeled gluten free but have no gluten in the ingredients list. (corn, corn oil, sea salt, calcium hydroxide).


4 comments on “El Milagro Totopos (Tortilla Chips)

  1. There are so many brands of table (plain) tortilla chips, but these are the best.

  2. Bought these all the time when we lived in Seymour, Indiana—But, now we are in Xalapa, Mexico and sad they don´t have them here! They are better than any I have found in Mexico

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