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Wine Reviews: Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc 2010

I’ve pretty much switched over to white wines for the season at this point. The Geyser Peak 2010 (Sonoma) Sauvignon Blanc was $9.99. It’s worth noting that they have been making wine since 1880 according to their website. In California, that’s equal to 1,000 years.

Day 1

Geyser gave us a great first impression. It has a crisp taste, clean finish with hints of grapefruit. It’s bright and airy which is ideal for this time of year.

Day 2

Today it’s just as bright as day 1. The flavor hasn’t changed much. It’s still slightly tart and citrus-y. Not much sweetness to speak of. Still liking this wine. The RoodonFood official wine of the summer is yet to be determined but this is a great sauvignon blanc option.






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