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Food Song of the Month + Interview: Kimchee Line by Bhi Bhiman

Okay RoodonFooders. I’m starting a new monthly post for Food Song of the Month. To qualify it has to be a great song and invoke food. If you have suggestions for future posts, please leave a comment.

There is no better way to kick off this recurring series than Bhi Bhiman’s song Kimchee Line. He has quite the buzz going right now with mentions in the Times, Village Voice and radio stations all over. His style is heavily rooted in the blues which isn’t normally a favorite for me but his voice and lyrics demand attention. He was nice enough to answer some questions via email about the meaning of the song (below video).

Here is a live version of Kimchee Line. Enjoy.

Rood:How did the song Kimchee Line come about? Why choose that particular food?

Bhi: First I came up with the melody, which is based on a pretty classic guitar riff.  The lyrics are loosely about a state-owned worker who, while daydreaming of a freer existence, still has love for his country and government.

Rood: You have a rich voice, and hearing all the ingredients gives me a craving. What do you like to add kimchee to?
Bhi: Most things – rice w/ some sort of meat or vegetables…but I’ll also eat it straight out of the jar.
Rood: Are you a foodie? What are your favorite foods?
Bhi: I wouldn’t say I’m a foodie but I love to eat all types of cuisines from curries to deep dish pizza.  Toasted Ravioli is a signature dish from my hometown of St. Louis as well.
Rood: You’re of Sri Lankan descent. I know nothing about Sri Lankan cuisine – what do you recommend?
Bhi: Stringhoppers and pittu for sure.  Also fish and prawn curries.
Rood: You come to New York frequently, do you have a favorite place to get a drink or a meal?

Bhi: I like David’s Brisket House in Brooklyn a lot.  Also Miriam is a great place for an Israeli breakfast.

Rood: On tour what snacks must you always have?
Bhi: I bring a lot of nuts and dried fruit…and if it’s a long tour I’ve been known to buy a jar of kimchi, much to the dismay of whomever I’m traveling with.
Rood: Do you have any upcoming shows you want to plug?

Bhi: I’m on tour right now through the East Coast, Midwest and South

Bhi’s latest CD is available here. If you’re in the New York area he has a show on 7/14 at Joe’s Pub. Here are the rest of his tour dates:

July 12 – Washington DC @ Jammin’ Java*
July 13 – Easton, MD @ Nightcat*
July 14 – NYC @ Joe’s Pub*
July 15 – Somerville, MA @ Johnny D’s*
July 17 – Cleveland @ Beachland Tavern*
July 18 – Chicago @ Uncommon Ground*
July 19 – Minneapolis @ Turf Club*
July 21 – STL @ Plush**
July 22 – Kent, OH @ Kent Stage**
July 24 – Pittsburgh @ Byham Theatre**
July 26 – Raleigh, NC @ Slim’s
July 27 – Atlanta @ Chastain Ampitheater***
July 28 – Chattanooga, TN @ Track 29**
July 29 – Birmingham, AL @ Workplay Theater**

*co-headline w/ Justin Robinson
**opening for Josh Ritter

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