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Simply Naked Unoaked Pinot Grigio California 2010 Review


I avoided buying Simply Naked wine ($8) because the name is silly and the word simply is overused. Still, the fact that it’s unoaked was intriguing. This is the first wine I’ve had which identifies itself that way. Oak is used to influence the flavor of wine adding complexity, changing color and stability from wood tannins. Simply Naked prefers that the grapes in their wines speak for themselves.

The Simply Naked Pinot Grigio 2010 is worth a try. Other people seem to agree. It’s tart and slightly dry. It has a medium-ish finish. It’s best on a hot day as the bubbliness and lightness really come through. At times it’s reminiscent of a champagne or cider. Overall, it’s a satisfying wine from someone who doesn’t generally seek out Pinot Grigios.


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