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Primal Strips Vegan and Sometimes Gluten Free Jerky

I’m a sucker for beef jerky so a Vegan and V/GF version I had to try. I picked these up at the local convenience store though they sell it online in many places as well.


Mesquite Lime Flavor:

This flavor is vegan and made with seitan. Based on the ingredients mesquite wood isn’t used but you do get a smokiness. The lime flavor is fairly strong but not overpowering because sea salt cuts it. The chewiness approximates jerky well. The strip held together nicely though it’s very sticky. The overall product had an underlying sweetness from cane juice. It’s non-gmo, 0% cholesterol and has 10g protein. Like a good jerky, I can see getting a craving for this specifically.

Primal Texas BBQ

Texas BBQ:

This variety is both vegan and gluten free! It’s more sticky than the Mesquite. It also broke apart into separate strips. The flavor was actually great. The BBQ flavor sweet, slight spice and smokiness are all present. I loved the texture. This also has the satisfying chewiness of jerky. I’d definitely get this product again.

They make a few other intriguing flavors including Thai Peanut, Teriyaki, Hot and Spicy, and Hickory Smoked all of which I’ll be trying soon. Ingredient lists can be found here.

Here is a review of a few other brands of vegetarian jerky and a some suggested vegan foods to take as snacks when you’re stuck at the airport.


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