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Olympian Diets (Unorthodox Edition)

I previously posted about one Olympic athlete, Peter Vanderkaay’s diet. It sounded tasty but disappointingly normal. Since that post I came across some other diets which show quite a bit of variation.

Venus Williams (USA) eats raw fruits and veggies as is entirely vegan. Part of the reason though is that she’s battling Sjogren’s Syndrome, an autoimmune disease. Since they live together, her sister Serena follows suit. Nathan Brannan (Canada) and Ana Ivanovic (Serbia) follow gluten free diets, though not vegetarian/vegan.

Needless to say, the coolest diet of all is from Usain Bolt (Jamaica), the fastest man in the world. He likes chicken nuggets and yams. (Guess who is my new hero?)


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